Petbrella Dog Umbrella PB-180

great weather protection


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Heat can harm your pet. Dogs can easily overheat and should be protected from the sun. Give them a cool, shady spot…Anywhere!

This Petbrella will help keep your pet protected from the sun and keep him happy.

  • Portable, lightweight, and easy to carry/set up
  • Great for the beach, backyard, park or camping
  • Umbrella has built-in tilt mechanism
  • Pet’s leash will not get tangled up in the shelter
  • Fabric is water repellent which removes for washing
  • Durable carrying and storage case included
  • Works equally well in the ground or in sand

Comes with high quality, 6 ft diameter Scotch guarded cloth umbrella, sturdy steel tie-out stake with swivel and carrying case.

Specs & Details

Hunter Green, Khaki and Yellow
Dimensions (folded and in the bag):
42″ L x 6″ W