Woofwerks The Tucker Dog Collar

Collars with class


Sophisticated and simple, the clean lines of the “Tucker” are a real stand-out that will grace any dog’s neck. Hand-crafted in vegetable tanned English bridle leather, these smart collars are an inch wide with a half inch wide contrasting overlay. They sport a one inch “D” ring at the throat and a half inch “D” ring at back for quick lead attachment.

Like our other fine collars, they are also lined with garment-grade leather to insure the comfort of your pet. And of course they are hand-crafted in the USA.

Woofwerks collars & leads are crafted by American artisans to the highest quality standards. Constructed of the finest vegetable dyed English bridle leather to withstand the rigors even the hardiest dogs may deliver.  With noncorrosive brass or nickel fittings and anchored to survive the strongest tugs. This is leather that offers a rugged beauty that endures.  A unique and distinctive trapping to the neck of a loyal companion.