West Paw Tuckered Out Dog Bed

a cozy, comfortable spot

$71.99 — $167.99

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Ease and comfort is the name of the game. Featuring a rounded bolster for added support and an open front to allow for easy access, our Tuckered Out® bed is the perfect choice for both the older pet dogs and the new born puppies…and everyone in between.

Made with our reinforced berber material for cozy warmth and stylish strength, our bed gives snuggling a whole new meaning! Thick denier 100% recycled IntelliLoft™ poly fill gives added volume, allowing maximum comfort without lumping or condensing.

Including a zipper closure, the cover is easily removable for quick washes. Entire Tuckered Out® bed is machine washable, making it easy maintenance. Loved by Dogs… and even Cats too! Made in Montana, USA.

Eco Friendly fabric made with 85% IntelliLoft™ recycled fibers, milled in the USA, is clean, safe and comprised of completely re-engineered fibers for optimum quality and durability.

IntelliLoft™ stuffing comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled and reengineered fiber fill. By using IntelliLoft™ stuffing in our stuffed beds, West Paw Design is able to divert many tons of plastic from going to landfills!

To date, West Paw Design has diverted more than 638 tons of plastic bottles from going into our country’s landfills.

Specs & Details

23″ x 18″ x 7″
32″ x 23″ x 7″
Large :
42″ x 29″ x 7″
50″ x 32″ x 7″