Pet Gear Aviator Pet Carrier/Car Seat/Bed

3-in-one function and flair

$84.99 — $99.99

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The Aviator pet carrier is uniquely crafted to meet the high demands your pet places on you when you travel. It is a comfortable carrier both for you and your pet.

The top is removable and converts into a cozy sleeping area. This removable top also make the Aviator the easiest carrier to clean.

Two seat belt loops help secure carrier to your car.


  • The padded design holds its shape, giving your pet plenty of room
  • The interior adjustable tether helps keep your pet secure
  • Mesh side and end panels provide excellent air flow
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for your comfort
  • Removable top makes cleaning the Aviator a breeze
  • By removing the top, the Aviator doubles as a comfy bed
  • Two seat belt loops help secure carrier to your car
  • Meets most airline regulations
  • Easy to clean

Specs & Details

16″L x 10″W x 10″H for pets up to 16 pounds
20″L x 11″W x 11.5″H for pets up to 22 pounds