Pet Ego Jet Set Carrier Forma Frame

versatile airline-approved pet carrier

$130.00 — $152.00

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The stylish Jet Set pet carrier comes in three sizes and can be carried by hand, over your shoulder, as a back pack, or fixed to your car seat using the special straps provided.

In-vehicle safety and restraint are a very important part of Jet Set design. It features claw-proof mesh windows and doors, and a safety leash to prevent your small pet from falling or getting out unintentionally.

New Forma Frame system transforms the Jet Set into a solid structure for ultimate companion comfort and safety. The Forma Frame metal support can be quickly folded for an easy storage. New integrated Handle and Buckles. The new Jet Set FF uses a proprietary connection system adding structural integrity, component durability and stream-lined utility. Available separately are a range of travel accessories to simplify train, bike, motorcycle and air travel in particular. Jet Set is airline approved.Can be fixed to your car seat with included straps.Safety leash prevents falls and escapes. Available three sizes small, medium and large.

Available separately, are a range of travel accessories to simplify train, bike, motorcycle and air travel. Jet Set Forma Frame is airline approved.

Accessories (sold separately)

JS Travel Kit
JS Trolley
Motorbike Connection
Universal Carrier Bike Connection
Universal Carrier Bike Lever

The Jet Set Carrier can also be used with the Sport Trike Stroller.

Specs & Details

Black or Tan
Dimensions (Small):
17.7″L x 10.6″H x 9″W
Dimensions (Medium):
19.7″L x 9.8″H x 10.6″W
Dimensions (Large):
21.7″H x 11.8″H x 9.8″W