Pet Ego Dog Bag Pet Tent

portable, durable pet tent and car containment system

$121.99 — $152.99

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Make sure your pet always has a great place to rest with the Dog Bag Pet House by EGR. This portable pet home offers a super-strong pop-up frame that allows you to easily take it anywhere you go. The Dog Bag Pet Tent is really a tent and soft crate in one.

Using integrated sprung steel loops to provide structure, the Dog Bag Pet Tent pops open and is ready for use in seconds then folds away just as easily.

Perfect for traveling with your pet, short trips in the car, a day at the park or anywhere you want to take your dog with you and have a place for your dog to rest and relax and be safely containted. It is completely foldable and portable. When folded, it fits in the Dog Bag Back Pack which comes with the foldable pet tent.

The Dog Bag Pet Tent comes in three size to fit any size dog.
Small – Perfect for small to medium dogs like Sheltie, Shiba Inu, Schnauzer, Pug.
Medium – Perfect for medium to large dogs like Labrador, Dalmatian, Golden Retriever.
Large – Perfect for large dogs like Siberian Husky, Border Collie, German Shepherd, Rottweiler.

Specs & Details

Dimensions - Small:
24″W x 24″L x 24″H
Dimensions - Medium:
29.5″W x 29.5″L x 31.5″H
Dimensions - Large:
35.5″W x 35.5″L x 33.5″H
Dimensions of Back Pack:
13.5″L x 8″W x 16.5″H