North States Auto-Close Pet Gate NS4819

JPMA approved for top of the stairs installation


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Great for people who simply want to keep looking forward.

This pressure mounted gate is easy to install with child-proof locking hand wheel. The security latch is easily opened with one hand and you’ll never have to worry about leaving the gate open again.

  • Automatically closes and locks itself
  • Designed in a white powder coated metal construction
  • Pressure mounted
  • Practically requires no hardware

Optional extensions are available

Auto-Close Gate 1 Bar Extension, adds 3″

Auto-Close Gate 2 Bar Extension, adds 5.75″

Auto-Close Gate 5 Bar Extension, adds 14″

Auto-Close Gate 11 Bar Extension, adds 31.25″

Maximum of three extensions 1, 2, 5 and 11- bar extensions expand your standard gate up to 125″.

Specs & Details

Standard Dimensions:
29.5″-38″ wide 30″ high
Extended Dimensions:
29.5″ up to 125″ wide