New Age Pet Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House

long-lasting dog house

$199.99 — $329.99

$199.99 — $329.99

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Made from eco-Flex, a new non-toxic material that is comprised of post-consumer recycled polymers and wood fibers.

NewAgePet’s eco-Concepts products are the first products of their kind as they are resistant to pests, rot, weather and moisture.

With a high wood content, the houses look like and—in many ways—are like wood. The big difference is that, unlike wood, they are weatherproof, moisture proof, rot proof and insect proof. The houses have a natural red cedar finish that will remain new looking for years—a big advantage over other wooden houses.


  • Green—Made with eCo-Flex™, New Age Pet’s exclusive blend of recycled polymers, wood waste and sawdust. 90% of eCo-Concepts homes are eCo-Flex. The remaining 10% is made up of the chrome steel frame and connectors.
  • Assembles in minutes—Most houses consist of 6 or 7 panels and the ridge header. All connectors are installed and adjusted at the factory, so assembly cannot be easier.
  • No tools required
  • Sturdy—Steel reinforced at connection points and on larger panels where weight will be a factor such as floors or roofs. Easily supports weights in excess of what is typical for pets sized to the space in the house.
  • Durable—eCo-Flex is designed with outdoor use in mind. Basic composition is similar to the materials used in outdoor decking materials for home or commercial applications. eCo-Flex is impervious to weather, will not rot or mildew. Color is locked in, UV protected.
  • Lasting Beauty and Versatility—Available in our popular Bunkhouse style in three sizes. Comes with a beautiful red cedar finish that is locked in. Will remain looking this way for years. Due to the high wood content in eCo-Flex, the houses, including the roof panels, can be painted any color with an exterior latex paint.


Pets up to 50lbs
Item# ECOH101M
32″ x 31″ x 31″

Pets up to 100lbs
Item# ECOH101L

Extra Large
Pets up to 200lbs
Item# ECOH101XL

Assembly of similar house

Specs & Details

Exterior Dimensions:
Medium (32″ x 31″ x 31″), Large (38″ x 31″ x 35″) and Extra Large (38″ x 31″ x 35″)
Door Opening Dimensions:
Medium (12″ x 15″), Large (14″ x 18″) and Extra Large (16″ x 19″)
Interior Dimensions:
Medium (26.5″ x 23.5″ x 27.5″), Large (33″ x 26″ x 31″)+Extra Large (39.5″ x 27.5″ x 34″)
Weight :
Medium (47 pounds), Large (60 pounds) and Extra Large (73 pounds)