Kurgo Auto Zip Line for Dogs

travel safety for you and your pet

$39.99 — $46.99

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The Kurgo Auto Zip Line™ is the easiest and most convenient safety harness and restraint system for your dog. A nylon webbed line simply attaches between the two rear seatbelts or rear passenger side handles, creating a tether run.

This secure line allows the dog freedom to roam in the backseat of the car and allows the driver to focus on the road ahead, thus reducing driver distraction. The Kurgo dog harness and leash integrate with the Zip Line allowing you to quickly transition from walking the dog to getting on the road.

  • Functions as a great walking harness
  • Works with all vehicle seatbelts
  • Convenient to get the dog in and out of the car
  • Dog cannot jump out of car when door is opened


Small: 10-25 pounds
Medium: 25-50 pounds
Large: 50-80 pounds
Extra Large: 80+ pounds

Specs & Details

Part Number:
Small – 00019 Medium – 00020 Large – 00021 Extra Large – 00022