K&H Self-Warming Crate Pad

no cord—no electricity needed

$14.99 — $49.99

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K&H Self-Warming Crate Pads are available in six different sizes and three beautiful colors. This self-warming pad absorbs your pet’s body heat and radiates the warmth back so they are never too hot or too cold—always just right.

Use this completely washable crate pad in your dog’s crate, on top of their regular bed, or on your cat’s favorite sleeping perch. They will love this extra touch of warm comfort.

  • Corners are slit to allow perfect fit in any crate
  • Soft microfleece top for comfort
  • Non-slip bottom for stability
  • Easy wash and care

Beautiful colors for any decor include tan, mocha (dark brown), and light gray (not shown).

Specs & Details

22″ x 14″
25″ x 20″
31″ x 21″
37″ x 25″
48″ x 32″
54″ x 37″