Dog Gone Smart Cat Beds

the perfect lair for your picky purr-er



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Cats just love to curl up and snuggle in these cozy beds.

  • High sides give a sense of security and protection which creates a den-like atmosphere and helps promote a sound sleep.
  • Soft sherpa interior provides comfort and warmth
  • Available in two styles: 100% canvas outer shell or Leopard faux suede

Why People Love Dog Gone Smart Technology

Thanks to Dog Gone Smart Technology™, our fabrics…

  • Stay clean naturally, reduce the spread of bacteria and stand up to the wear and tear of the most active dog
  • Are non-toxic, pet safe and environmentally friendly.
  • The NanoSphere® finish even carries the label bluesign® approved
  • Extremely resistant to liquids, dirt, grime and coat oil
  • Reduce the spread of bacteria which can cause “doggie” odor as well as bacterial infections and allergens, creating a healthier environment for your dog
  • Highly abrasion resistant and durable, making our products last longer saving you time and money
  • Retain the fabric’s soft natural feel providing ultimate comfort
  • Protective finish remains functional even after 50 wash cycles
  • Require less washing and dry much faster than other fabrics

Specs & Details

18″ Round