Black E-Coat Pet Exercise Pen With Door

a safe place to romp

$70.99 — $137.99

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With a MidWest Black E-Coat Exercise Pet Pen you have the freedom to keep your pet safe the way you want to. The adjustable shape and size allows you to place the pen almost anywhere.

The MidWest Black E-Coat Pet Exercise Pen comes with eight separate panels that are 24 inches wide. Attach as many or as few panels as you would like to attain the desired pen size. If you need a pen larger than 16 square feet, then you can attach the panels from another MidWest Pet Pen to make your enclosure even larger.

Attach any MidWest crate to allow your pet the freedom to exercise while safely confined within their crate.

  • Durable Black E-Coat Finish Provides Long Lasting Protection
  • Walk-Through Door For Easy Access
  • Includes Ground Anchors
  • Available in Five Heights
  • Can Be Used For a Variety of Pets
  • Folds Flat for Convenient Storage
  • Easy to Set-up (No Tools Needed)

Accessories for this exercise pen include a wire mesh top and a sunscreen top.

The MidWest Black E-Coat Pet Exercise Pen is available in five sizes listed below.


Black E-Coat Pet Exercise pen-24″ With Door
Model Number: 550-24DR For Dogs 1-25 lbs.
Size: 8 Panels-(24″H x 24″W)
Weight: 23 lbs.

Black E-Coat Pet Exercise pen-30″ With Door
Model Number: 552-30DR For Dogs 26-40 lbs.
Size: 8 Panels-(30″H x 24″W)
Weight: 27 lbs.

Black E-Coat Pet Exercise pen-36″ With Door
Model Number: 554-36DR For Dogs 41-70 lbs.
Size: 8 Panels-(36″H x 24″W)
Weight: 32 lbs.

Black E-Coat Pet Exercise pen-42″ With Door
Model Number: 556-42DR For Dogs 71-90 lbs.
Size: 8 Panels-(42″H x 24″W)
Weight: 36 lbs.

Black E-Coat Pet Exercise pen-48″ With Door
Model Number: 558-48DR For Dogs 91+ lbs.
Size: 8 Panels-(48″H x 24″W)
Weight: 40 lbs.