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Before You Give Up

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Hi, there! Charlie here again. It always makes me really sad to hear about a dog whose family has surrendered them to the pound for any reason, but especially for their behavior. You know, we dogs really are smart and with a little patience and the right kind of training, almost any behavior problem can be overcome. What’s really important is clear communication (not mixed messages), consistency and remembering that we are dogs (that think like dogs) and not humans.

My human found this useful list of tips on dealing with some common issues on Agape Animal Rescue. Before you give up in frustration, try consulting with a  trainer, or at least trying some of these tips. We are big fans of Victoria Stillwell and her Animal Plant program, It’s Me or the Dog! Her positive reinforcement training techniques work and the show is lots of fun to watch. You’ll find more training tips and videos on the show’s website.

Common Behavior Issues at Home

Dogs, like people, come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and personalities.  Living harmoniously with your dog requires a consistent, persistent attitude by you that you are the leader of your dog’s “pack.”  Despite your good intentions and best efforts, sometimes your dog does not learn a behavior you want, or else cannot stop an unacceptable behavior.  Usually the solution lies in properly communicating with your dog so that he understands what is acceptable, and what is not.  Here are a few common behavior problems dog owners experience, along with some helpful tips. (more…)

Help! My Dog Is Ruining My Home!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010
Charlie Chiweenie

Mom was reading posts on another blog site and found this question about a pup that doesn’t know where to do her “business.” Since then, the original post has disappeared, so she thought we could answer it here.

Help! My dog is destroying my apartment! We just moved into a new apartment, which I was hoping would help my dog with her problem of doing her “business” in the house. She is a very good dog and is very affectionate, but she refuses to poop outside. She is also great with my kids and is very gentle with the baby. I take her out every hour, where she will sometimes urinate, but will come right back in and poop on the carpet. I keep a very clean home and this is very upsetting. I clean up thoroughly after her. I really can’t stand this, but I don’t know what else to do.

You certainly have a problem, but don’t despair. It may take some time and some work, but you CAN potty train your dog.  The solution depends on your dedication and consistency, and on changing some of your own behaviors. As Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, is fond of saying, he rehabilitates dogs and trains humans! The advice in this article is based on positive reinforcement, personal experience, and the advice of great dog trainers like Cesar Milan and Victoria Stillwell.