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Super Dog Treats with Leftover Turkey

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

WOW, my tail is sooo tired. It has been busy wagging all day with all the wonderful smells at our house!

My mom says that everyone is always looking for good ideas of what to do with all that leftover turkey, and I’m really excited because Auntie Paris at said it would okay if I shared her recipe for Turkey & Cranberry Dog Treats with you. Thank you, Auntie Paris! These are just tail-thumpin’ good!

mmmm. . . those sure look good!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I wanted to feature a holiday-themed recipe this week….and what could be more traditional than turkey and cranberries? Turkey is a canine favorite and cranberries are incredibly beneficial for dogs so this seemed like a great combination for treats (although I was a little worried that the dogs might not like the tartness of the cranberries).

The ingredients are ones you probably already have on hand if you’re making a Thanksgiving dinner:

Ingredients for Turkey & Cranberry Treats

Here’s the recipe for these great treats!


Tail-waggin’ Yummies!

Monday, September 13th, 2010
Charlie Chiweenie

Oh, my waggin’ tail!! This recipe looks so delicious that we just had to repost it. This is another downright doggielicious recipe from Paris Permenter at

You’ve  just gotta try these Peanut Butter Applesauce Dog Biscuits!  They are soooo good!

Here is the recipe!

Peanut Butter Applesauce Treats


Liver Dog Training Treats

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
Charlie Chiweenie

Woof!!  I’m excited today because my mom is making these barkalicious treats for me!  She always wants me to do something special for them, but that’s no problem! I’ll do back flips for these yummies! Roll over? Sure. High-five? Put ‘em up. Lay down? Piece of cake. Just don’t ask me to stop wagging my tail! She has my undivided attention when she’s got these treats in her pocket, but the tail has a mind of it’s own.

She got the recipe from her really good friend, the amazing Paris Permenter at Paris loves to create new recipes for her doggies on the weekends, and she takes lots of pictures to show you how she does it. Thank you, Paris! I mmm-hmmm love these liver treats!

With these scrumptious morsels, I might even learn as many tricks as this shelter rescue dog, Vinny Love. Click here for the recipe.


Homemade Dog Treats for Valentine’s Day

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Here’s a terrific recipe for wholesome bite-size treats that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. They are also perfect for training treats or to give away in a doggy gift basket. They smell great while they are cooking and taste even better!